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Labrador UK Action Group (LUKAG) was set up in 2014 when its founder, Jules Norman (also lead Admin of Facebook group, Labrador UK Owners Group) saw the difficulties people were experiencing in rehoming their labradors.  


It became clear that there were many reasons for needing to rehome, including family splits, changes in circumstances or even bereavement. Jules noticed that many owners were unsure how to go about rehoming a dog and were attempting to do this privately, using a number of selling sites. It also became clear that owners were unaware that vetted and approved families were already registered and waiting to offer a home to the right labrador.


The issues with rehoming privately have been fairly well documented in the press in recent months, with owners rehoming dogs in good faith, via a selling site, and the dog falling into the wrong hands. There have been many horror stories in the news specifically about labradors being used as bait for dog fights. Rehoming privately also offers no backup should there be an issue with the dog’s new home.


We offer a no quibble return policy and will take the Labrador back if its new home does not work out, which is very rare.  We recognise that private rehoming is a problem and the issues experienced by owners and using traditional rescues themselves were how LUKAG was born. Jules set up the LUKAG group, joined by Trudy Cason as researcher with Sharon Shanks, Lisa Taylor, Alison Sadler and Caroline Lewis as coordinators. 


LUKAG helps owners to rehome their Labradors responsibly.  We offer a simple solution that doesn't involve using any kennels, only foster in case of an emergency and aims to rehome directly to a new vetted and checked new home.  We coordinate with our amazing rehoming team, also our volunteer network of transporters to arrange collection and delivery of the Labrador, if required.


In summary, LUKAG ensures the safe rehoming and care of the Labrador.



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