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LUKAG consists of a team of committed, compassionate and experienced volunteers.  Allow us to introduce ourselves .............

Jules Norman

Group Leader


I LOVE the Labrador breed.  I have four labs currently, three chocolates and one black.  Two came to stay for short term foster and never left.  I have owned Labs for over 20 years.  I have been through the rough and smooth times with them.  I am dedicated to making sure that any labrador is given the love and safety it deserves.


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Alison Saddler

Co Ordinator


I joined the team in September 2016, having spent the last year assisting on the transportation side. I am based in Northumberland and have a wide knowledge of the North East of England. I have owned dogs for the past 28 years and always find myself going back to the Labrador breed due to their gentle nature and playfulness. Because of my involvement in the transport side, I have been very hands on with the Labradors that need to go into rescue, ensuring that owners are put at ease knowing that their beloved pet will be taken care of and given a lovely future. Owners can be very upset when it is time to let their Labrador leave on their new journey and I aim to ensure this process is as easy a process as possible to reduce any more heartache.


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Sharon Shanks

Co Ordinator


I joined LUKAG in April, 2015.  I love being part of this team.  I am based in Scotland which means that we have the whole of the UK covered.  I’m relatively new to dog owning having got my Olly in June 2012 and how my life has changed for the good!  Labradors really are our best friends they rely on us solely to nurture and care for them.  This is my main reason for wanting to be part of this team.  I love the feeling you get when you rescue a Labrador and know that they will be going to a 5* amazing home.  Often there are tears from owners and me (more often me!) as they don’t take rehoming their Labradors lightly.


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Lisa Taylor

Co Ordinator


Joining in summer 2016. I’m delighted to be part of a team that not only ensures that dogs are safely rehomed, but one which also gives owners peace of mind if they have to make the heartbreaking decision to rehome their dog. I have always loved dogs, and at the age of 9 got my first puppy. Myself and my family have always been huge advocates for rescue dogs and I am passionate about helping give these dogs the chance they so deserve. My love of Labradors began when my children were small – a friend had a Labrador and I remember thinking ‘what a fabulous family dog’, so we made the decision to adopt via a Labrador rescue. We now have two beautiful rescue labs, who have been with us since they were young pups.


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Caroline Lewis

Co Ordinator


I’m delighted to be asked to be part of the team.  I live in South Wales but I’m originally from Bristol. 

My family got our first Labrador when I was 10 years old, she was the most amazing dog.  I thought all dogs were like her and when I got my own first dog, I naively rescued a beautiful Collie/Sheltie cross.  She was a stunning dog but as mad as a hatter.  Sadly, she became very ill and I lost her at 4 years old.  My next dog was a rescue lab, she was a gentle soul.  My husband says he only married me for the dog!  We lost her last year at 13.  Since then our home has been turned upside down by the crazy Louie, a yellow rescue lab.  He is now 2 years old and makes us laugh every day.

I’ve been involved with the transportation of the dogs since early this year and I have found it so rewarding.  I totally sympathise with anyone who is in the unfortunate position where they have to rehome their dog.  I respect their strength in putting the dog’s needs first and I want to make that as easy as possible for them.


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Trudy Cason



I have been a dog owner for 7 years Alfie was my first dog, I now have two, and my other is called Bailey.  I have a real interest for helping with Labrador rescue and have been doing so for 18 months, when I was asked to join this group.  Although I do not actively contact owner that need help, I do the background research for the coordinators to work with.  I love doing this and it gives me great pleasure doing volunteer work.

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